2 of the most common questions we get are "How long will this particular motor operate for?" as well as "How to compute how long a battery will last?". These're typical concerns since they're really important in understanding just how long to remain out on the bath before heading back. They're simple enough to answer if you've all the required information, which may be provided by the Smart Battery Box of ours. In order to establish a battery last and also motor runtime, you are going to need to understand the following info: The amperage draw on the motor and also the Amp Hour score on the battery of yours.

Amp Hour (Ah) is a typical rating positioned on Marine batteries or deep Cycle. This rating measures just how long a battery is able to have a regular amperage output. More quickly put, just how much charge the battery is able to keep and the length of time it is able to drive an electronic device. The bigger the score, the longer it is able to power a device or perhaps trolling motor.

If a battery does not get an Ah score, you are able to compute the Ah rating on the Reserve Capacity (RC). You simply split the RC by 2.4 to pick up an estimated amp hour rating.
For Example: 1600 RC / 2.4 = 66.66Ah
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) can't be utilized to calculate just how long a battery can last. It measures the volume of recent a given battery is able to send for thirty seconds at zero (zero) degrees Fahrenheit without falling below a specified cutoff voltage.

Amperage draw describes the quantity of power the engine pulls in the battery to drive itself. A motor pulls various quantities of amps based on the speed it's operating at and if there's some opposition applied on the motor. This info must be supplied by the producer and must be easily on the item listing or perhaps for a specification sheet for the engine. Nevertheless, just the max amperage draw will generally be listed - this's the quantity present the engine pulls in the battery power at top speed.

To figure out how long a battery is going to last or even how much time the motor of yours will go for, we should split the amp hour score over the battery power against amps pulled by the motor. For instance, in case we've a full cycle battery which is rated for 50Ah and we're pairing it with an engine which draws fifty two Amps at max speed, we will make use of the following equation: how to charge trolling motor battery

Fifty amp hour / fifty two amps drawn =.96 hours of runtime

If the producer just offers Watts pulled by the engine, we are able to change this to amps by dividing contrary to the voltage being used. You've to be cautious in case you're making use of a 12V, 24V or maybe 36V process because this may change the calculations of yours. For instance, in case we've a 50Ah battery along with a motor which attracts 624 watts at full speed and requires a 12V battery, we will make use of the following equation:

624 watts draw / twelve volts = fifty two amps drawn at top velocity fifty Ah / fifty two amps drawn =.96 hours of runtime

If we're using a 24V process that draws 1,152 watts with 2 50Ah electric batteries in sequence (100Ah total), we will make use of the following equation:

1,152 watts draw / twenty four volts = forty eight amps drawn at top velocity hundred Ah / forty eight amps drawn = 2.08 hours of runtime

It must be mentioned that these're just estimates and they don't factor in body weight, water or wind resistance or other outside factors. While merely estimates, these is extremely handy in choosing the correct motor or battery for the program of yours. Below is a chart showing the max amp draw Newport Vessels trolling motors for the reference of yours.